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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop solar to alternative fuel technologies for future sustainability and provide a training platform for early career researchers for green technologies design and implementation.

This project will develop a unique consortium between UK and Saudi Arabia leading institutes to work together to develop low cost, efficient, and zero carbon energy systems. This consortium will, (i) improve UK and Saudi HEIs understanding due to close collaboration of leading institutes, (ii) increased scale and effectiveness of UK Research by sharing research experience between two countries, (iii) increase mobility between two countries to enhance research experience, (iv) provide capacity building training for early career researchers and (v) explore the opportunities to develop transnational education. The team members have extensive research and commercialisation experience that will lead to demonstrate out-of-box solution for Net Zero targets.

Project Aim

Experienced Leadership

The project have experienced team from system design to implementation and spin-off. They also have training and project management expertise.

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